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Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Ways The Government Screws The Middle Class

One of the responsibilities that our government has taken upon itself is the "restoration of the middle class." As usual, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the government is actually hurting the people it claims to want to help.

Here's 3 ways the government screws the middle class:

1.  Central Banking

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 with the intention of stabilizing our currency, the US Dollar, and keeping unemployment to a minimum. Since then, the Dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power due to the Fed's money printing and monetary mismanagement, and every economic downturn since the Fed's creation has been first created by the Federal Reserve and then prolonged by the Fed's "remedies," especially the Great Depression and our current depression.

Central banking is the single most effective way of funneling wealth from the masses to the elites. When politicians and economists say that the Federal Reserve is adding money to the economy, they really mean that they're giving your tax dollars to some of their banker buddies, and the money will eventually come back to you. Sure.

2. National Debt/Reckless Spending

Total US Debt as GDP 1929 vs 2012

The national debt is set to break $16.4 trillion dollars in the coming months. That's about $52,000 per American citizen and almost $150,000 per taxpayer.

Unfunded liabilities (programs we are currently enjoying but have yet to pay for) will reach $120 trillion by 2020. The Federal Government rakes in almost $2.5 trillion every year. It spends $3.5 trillion every year.

The government isn't going to make the drastic cuts that it needs to make (for risk of losing votes), so the only answer is to raise revenues. A lot. Who's going to wind up paying the bill? The middle class taxpayer, like it's always been. Not the rich politicians. More on that later in the article.

3. The Income Tax

Having an income tax is the same as the government saying, "Here, you are allowed to keep this much of what you earned this week." If the government controls the fruits of your labor, what do you have left?

The average American taxpayer works 5 months out of the year just to pay their taxes. Imagine how much better would our quality of life be if there wasn't such a gigantic drain on the private sector and our lives?

Some people say to raise taxes on "the rich" and make them pay for everything. We've been down that road. Every single "tax the rich" scheme in history has eventually spread to the middle class. Even the original income tax was only supposed to tax the top earners in the country. Look how that worked out.

Besides, what right does the government have to take from one person's mouth and give to another? Absolutely none.

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