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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Right To Bare* Arms?

Above: First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates her 2nd Amendment right to bare arms.

*Yes, I intentionally misspelled “bear.” As in, the disarmament of Americans until the people have nothing to protect themselves with except their bare arms, so to speak.

The discussion about gun rights is by no means a new phenomenon. Proponents of gun control argue that we are all safer with increased government regulation of the sale and ownership of firearms or the outright confiscation of any gun they deem too scary-looking. However, the simple facts tell us that strict gun control laws do not make us any safer.

In 1997, in response to the Dunblane school shooting, Great Britain outlawed handguns and enacted what are considered some of the strictest gun laws in the world. In the first two years of the ban, use of handguns in violent crimes increased 40%. Since last year, gun crime jumped 35% in England and Wales. There have also been dramatic increases in robbers, burglaries, assaults, and drug-related offences. Overall, the amount of gun crime and violent crime in general has doubled in Britain. Also, there are up to 3 million illegal firearms circulating in the country since the ban.

Washington D.C. passed a handgun ban in 1976. Following the ban, the city saw a 150% surge in murders and remains a regular contender for murder capital of America.

Chicago, the new murder capital, banned handguns in 1982. In the first decade of the ban, there was a 41% increase in murders, doubling the national average. This past years, the city logged over 500 homicides (compared to about 430 in 2011), most of which involved firearms. Chicago could seriously be considered a warzone: by June 2012, gun-related deaths in Chicago outnumbered troop deaths in Afghanistan for 2012.

Government prohibition of anything just doesn't seem to work. At all. Alcohol? Drinking skyrocketed and criminals made fortunes. Drugs? Drug use is now pandemic and criminals are making fortunes. Guns? Murder skyrockets as only criminals keep their illegal guns and shootings are used as political footballs by statists calling for even more gun laws. Interesting pattern.

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