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Friday, January 11, 2013

They Don't Even Read The Bills They Pass

Is anyone else not at all surprised that after weeks of theatrics concerning the over-hyped "fiscal cliff," no one in Congress read the bill before they passed it? Moreover, that after such a heated debate, both sides came together in less than 5 minutes for the sole purpose of screwing the middle class?

Mission accomplished!

What's more, the bill hands out almost $70 billion to special interests, including owners of race tracks (NASCAR), asparagus producers, movie producers, and even Goldman Sachs gets about $1.5 billion to construct a new headquarters in Manhattan.

Above: Not Big Enough

Reckless spending and government planning is what brought us all of our economic problems, but all the supposed solutions coming out of D.C. are more of the same big-government policies. The Federal government spends about $100 billion annually on corporate handouts such as the ones in the "fiscal cliff" bill.

This is another reason why "tax the rich" schemes never seem to work:
-Economic distress caused by government stirs debate about taxes.
-People say vague parts of society like "the rich" and "corporations" have to pay extra taxes as their fair share.
-Government creates a committee on tax reform.
-"The rich" and "the corporations" (the "elites") lobby to get the politicians of their choice on the committee.
-The "elites" offer gigantic donations to their chosen politicians in the form of gigantic re-election campaign donations and a cushy "consulting" job after he/she is done with politics. In return, the lawmakers only have to sign off on any legislature they throw his way.
-The bill is submitted to Congress, endorsed by the committee and full of tax loopholes and subsidies and whatnot for the elites.
-The bill is passed because no one reads it.

The outcome is always the same: the middle class face the brunt of the damage from any tax increase. Also, why should any segment of our society have to pay extra just to cover up for some politician's fiscal recklessness? All we do is lend more power to a corrupt legislature and pretend they have our best interests at heart.

The Patriot Act is a prime example. It enlarged the federal government to near-Orwellian levels under the misconception that we just need to sacrifice some of our liberties to be secure. That bill was also passed before it was even available for anyone to read it.

So it turns out that the government is only a tool for those with the resources and greed to abuse everyone else. By limiting government, we shrink the scope of its corrupting influence.

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