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Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 Awful Torture Methods Used By The US Government

I picked out a few of what I thought were the worst torture methods enhanced interrogation techniques used by our government and its agencies and contractors. It's extremely important to remember that most of the inmates at Guantanamo have not had any sort of trial or charges brought against them. Just because they're at Guantanamo doesn't make them guilty of anything. That said, let's get into it and see what we've paid for with our tax dollars.

1. Forced Feeding: Oral, Nasal, Rectal Feeding And Re-hydration

I was thinking of coloring this up a little, but there's no point: imagine that someone shoves a tube up your ass and forces water, food, or "nutritional supplements," into your intestines. That's rectal feeding. Reports indicate that this method was used as a form of "behavioral control" to end the hunger strikes. Normally this is used as a medical procedure, but anyone with a brain can understand how involuntarily having things shoved up your crack could be considered torture.

Another method of forced feeding used to combat hunger strikes features a tube being shoved up your nose and food, water, and "nutritional supplements" being pureed and stuffed inside you. One inmate described the method as "having a razor blade pulled down your throat."

2. "Diet Restriction" (a.k.a. Forced Starvation)

This is especially interesting: while the torturers at Guantanamo are force feeding inmates to end hunger strikes, they're also trying to starve others into submission. They would give the inmate nothing but a bland, liquid meal replacement and only enough so that the victim would still lose 10% or more of their initial weight.

3. Water-boarding

The classic! Just slightly less American than apple pie, being water-boarded would feature you being strapped down to an inclined table, with your feet (or at least chest) higher than your head. Your head would then be covered by a towel or rag, and water poured all over your face. Your mouth, nose, and throat would fill with water, simulating drowning, but the water does not reach your lungs. You can't breathe and you begin to panic for about forty seconds until your captor mercifully allows you a couple seconds to recuperate yourself. Then he does it again.

4. Confinement In A Box With Insects

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In Alexander Solzhenitsyn The Gulag Archipelago, he describes a method of torture used in the Soviet Gulags that would, personally, break me instantaneously: you're shoved into a box or closet where you can't move and hardly even breathe... and then they dump bugs on you. And not just ants or worms or stupid Fear Factor crap like that. I'm talking bedbugs, scabies, ticks. Roaches might be
the least disgusting thing they would make you bunk with. And the worst part: they just leave you there. I would go completely insane. A lot of people in the Gulags did just that.

But luckily we don't do that here in America. We do it in Guantanamo Bay!

5. Sleep Deprivation

For some reason, the phrase "sleep deprivation" sounds so much better than what this really is. It almost makes  you scoff at it being considered torture, like a teenager whining about having to get up before noon on Saturday.

Except inmates at Guantanamo were kept awake for up to 180 hours at a time. A week without sleep. Not, "Oh, gee, I barely got any sleep this week! Yawn!" but more like "I haven't slept in so long that I dream while I'm awake." Guards played extremely loud white noise, kept cells frigid, and sprayed water in the face of anyone dozing off in order to keep the inmates awake.

Remember, too, that these torture methods are used together. So not only have you been awake for five days, but you've just been "rectally fed," water-boarded, beaten, humiliated, and now they're throwing you in a 55 gallon drum crawling with thousands of bedbugs and a pile of festering shit and piss from the last poor soul who was in there for over a day.

The kicker: torture rarely, if ever, leads to reliable information. For example, none of the intelligence for the raid against Osama bin Laden was gained from torture. Information gained from torture is notoriously unreliable, as someone in the above situation will tell you just about anything you want in order to get out of it, even if it's a lie. What's worse is that the CIA has long admitted this fact, yet kept torturing people. No wonder people want to bomb us.

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