Exercise Using Heart Rate Monitors

Exercise using heart rate monitors

Heart rate monitors are electronic devises often used by athletes that sense and display your heart rate. Walkers can use heart rate to adjust the intensity of their walk by speeding up or slowing down to stay in their chosen heart rate zone. People who use fitness equipment like an exercise bike or rowing machine in home gyms can also use these heart rate monitors while exercising.

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When using either an exercise bike or rowing machine, due to cardiovascular workouts, your heart rate increases. These simple machines will help you to keep track of the rate at which your heart functions and hence assist you in monitoring your health and fitness program. Some common brands are Reebok, Impulse, Mio, Polar and CardioSport.

Heart monitors are a must when you use cardiovascular exercise equipment like a treadmill, rowing machine, stepper, exercise bike or trampoline. Basic models of heart rate monitors display only your heart rate and the exercise time.

More advanced models  have a variety of useful features such as, heart rate zone alarm, which alerts you when you are high or low, and other features such as countdown timers, display of calories burned and pre-programmed workouts.

Both would be equally convenient to use with an exercise bike or rowing machine workout. If you are looking for a fitness tracker that can measure your heart rate accurately then you can find some of the top fitness trackers here.

Free weights are a great compliment to lateral thigh trainer and ab workouts

Free weights are a great compliment to lateral thigh trainer and ab workouts

Lifting weights is by far the simplest and yet most effective exercise. The good news is that weight lifting equipment like dumbbells, weight benches and barbells is very convenient to use in home gyms. They can also be used with a lateral thigh trainer or during ab workouts.

At the core of any weight training workout program are free weights. You will feel a difference in your health and wellness once you start using them. You will also notice their effect in your ab workouts and while using other equipment such as a lateral thigh trainer.

It is always important to choose your weights based on your current fitness level especially when using them with equipment like the lateral thigh trainer. To avoid injuries, it is imperative to always stretch out and warm up before your routine. When using them as extra force or overload in your ab workouts, make sure you do not overdo it in order to avoid any injury.

Studies show that using weights with ab workouts or a lateral thigh trainer make for much better results. Weight lifting equipment comes in a variety of resistance machines. You will find weight training fitness equipment to meet any budget. Like most other home gym equipment, these can easily be bought online and shipped to your home.

In addition to free weights, the lateral thigh trainer, ab workouts and strength training, a cardiovascular routine such as running on a treadmill should be added to your workouts.  Other equipment like elliptical trainers, rowing machines, steppers, jump ropes and trampolines can enhance your strength training program too.

Dumbells are essential weight lifting equipment – make them a part of your gym equipment today!


Free weights and dumbells can get your fitness routine off to a great start. They are most popular weight lifting equipment. Anybody with a home gym makes them a part of their gym equipment. Dumbells and barbells can be used in dozens of beneficial ways.

They are good as weight lifting equipment when used with a weight benches and elliptical exercise equipment – where you can perform a number of strengthening and conditioning exercises. Include them in your gym equipment for lots of choice and flexibility in your health and fitness regimen.

With free weights, you can exercise your legs, arms, shoulders, chest muscles, oblique muscles and are a must have for your gym equipment along with other abdominal machines. A good pair of dumbells is quick and easy to use and ideal for beginners with weight lifting equipment.

You will find these fitness machines to meet any budget; from very tight to endless. The most popular brands for weight training equipment are Hex and Prostyle. Weight machines come in a variety of resistance machines and free weights.

Dumbells come in many different weight selections like other commercial fitness equipment, so you will always be able to select the desired weight for your health and wellness program.

If you’re going to be using heavy free weights in your weight lifting equipment, then do add a weight belt plus a pair of weightlifting shoes in your gym equipment. You can also add a dumbbell rack to store your weight sets.


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