Refrigerator Parts

Refrigerator Parts

While you are repairing your refrigerator, purchasing your own replacement parts is more cost-saving than paying for a labor and materials package. Though you are still going to pay for the labor cost, you can save money by purchasing the parts directly.

This is because repair companies are expected to charge you additional amount of money for ordering such parts. So, buying them yourself, is a clear saving.

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Apart from the cost benefit, ordering the refrigerator replacement parts directly will just take you a shorter period of time than ordering them from a repair company.

It may take the company one to two days to process your order then another one or two days to process their acceptance of your order and inform you that they have the parts already.

What’s great about this is that if it takes you some time to order the parts, you will directly know the reason for the delay from the merchants themselves. With this, you can get away from company excuses like “the parts are on back order” or “they are some special ordered parts.”

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We learn from customers like you about how pissed off they are as they are waiting for the parts for quite some time already. Tracking down the parts themselves might only add up to their disappointments.

If you really want to have the parts reached your hands quickly, you can go for express shipping without worrying about spending more because you have already saved some money by ordering them yourself.

Hint: Check if your refrigerator is still under warranty. If it is, do not attempt to fix it
yourself or else you will lose the warranty. Remember that the validity of the warranty will automatically expire when you let an uncertified repair man to work on your refrigerator.

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Breaking down the refrigerator parts that you will need must involve the systems
to which they are part of. If you are hiring the service of a repair man to fix your
refrigerator, you need to get the model number of your refrigerator which you can see on your unit’s inside door.

You also need to get the part number by asking this from the repair man who broke the parts for you.

However, if you are fixing the refrigerator yourself, some information on the parts and the systems would definitely help you.

1. Refrigerator Thermostat: This works for your freezer and fridge by controlling the temperature of your refrigerator.

2. Refrigerator Air Flow Parts: These make sure that the air flow throughout your unit and from your freezer is even.

3. Refrigerator Condenser Brushes: These are brushes that are longer in size that you can utilize to clean off the condenser oil which you can see on the fridge’s underside. You can do this cleaning stuff once or twice in a year to keep the energy efficiency of your unit. Make sure you turn your refrigerator off first before you do the cleaning.

4. Refrigerator Compressors: These work in cooling your refrigerator by some series of events like condensation, evaporation and pressurization.

5.    Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motors: As their name say, these are fan motors that blow some air over the condenser coils of your refrigerator.

6.    Refrigerator Defrost Heater: It’s almost unbelievable to think of a heater inside your fridge. These heaters actually play a role in the defrosting and cooling cycle that takes place inside your refrigerator. These heaters make their move as you want to melt the frost that is formed on the evaporator coil.

7.    Refrigerator Control Board: This serves as the control panel or the brain of your refrigerator that provides it a happy condition. Sounds funny right? Well,
technology made this possible. We only hope you’re not one those we heard
stories from about their control board going out and killing their refrigerator.

8.    Refrigerator Defrost Timer: This is a timer that maintains the good defrosting cycle in your refrigerator to keep it free from frost. The cycle may take 4, 8 or 12 hours.

9.    Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat: This monitors the way warm stuff gets in as the defrosting process takes place and modifies it back to cooling just perfectly
before anything inside the freezer melts.

10.    Refrigerator Door Handles: This is obviously self-explanatory; however, we heard of some people who want stainless steel door handles and repair of refrigerator doors.

11.   Evaporation Tray: This takes care of the water discharged from the defrost cycle so it won’t land in your refrigerator which could evaporates over time.

12.   Evaporator Fan Motor: This is a fan that makes sure that the cold air is circulated in your refrigerator with the aid of the refrigerator evaporator.

13.   Refrigerator Water Filter: This water filter makes sure that you are drinking clean water from your unit.

14.   Refrigerator Water Dispenser: This works to dispense the water by bringing the ice and water from the inside part of it to the outside.

15.   Refrigerator Ice Maker: This part of your refrigerator gets in water, make ice and put in a bin.

16.   Refrigerator Light Bulbs: Usually, you can purchase any light bulb (40 watts) to replace your bulb. Be sure to check the manual if there is a specific bulb that you need to purchase as a replacement.

17.   Refrigerator Thermometer: If you are not sure about the performance of your refrigerator when it comes to cooling, you should have this thermometer. If you have it, put it in a cup of water and leave it in your refrigerator for four to six hours so you will have an idea as to the coldness of your unit.

18.   Refrigerator Drawers, Bins, and Shelves: These are stuff that you can buy and install and would let you save some money.

19.Water Lines and Hook Up Kits: This is a copper line that is attached to your
home’s cold water so the fresh water can come into your fridge.

20.    Refrigerator Water Inlet Valves: These valves enable water to enter your
refrigerator for your ice or water dispenser. They prevent water from messing on
your floor.

21.   Refrigerator Repair Manual: If the warranty of your refrigerator has expired and you don’t want to hire someone to repair your fridge, this manual can work for you. Just make sure there are diagrams there that detail all instructions.

22.Appliance Touch Up Paint: If ever you need a touch up for your refrigerator,
you can find some brands of paint that you can use to cover up tiny rust and
spot. Just be sure in picking the right color so you won’t end up messing things


We know that all refrigerator brands have parts but we come up here with a list of
brands that most people asked about.

Don’t be surprised but there are actually refrigerator brands that use a different brand for their parts. This happens because there are companies that hire other companies to construct refrigerators for them.

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