Tips For Buying A Refrigerator

Tips For Buying a Refrigerator

A neat little article on Angie’s List has popped up on how to buy a refrigerator. As usual we recommend such guides and then checking out bestseller lists as a starting point (like our list of best side by side refrigerators). Here are some tips:

Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. And the most used if you consider that it is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is always working. Therefore it is also one of the most energy consuming appliances in your home. Refrigerators also tend to last for years.

Decades even. Sometimes they do not break down for some time, though you may want to replace one earlier than that because refrigerator efficiency keeps improving, and so your old refrigerator, while working, may be the cause of exorbitantly high bills

For example, a new refrigerator with an Energy Star label uses only slightly more than half the energy most conventional models do from about 10 years ago.

You can find best double door refrigerators in India here.

Some tips

Figure out which type of fridge you would like

  • Side By Side with a top-freezer
  • Side By Side with a bottom-freezer
  • French Door Refrigerators
  • Standard refrigerators

1.Measure The Space

2.Think About Features You Want

3.Think about color/design

4.Repair, Replace?

When large and expensive appliances break down, it is always a question of repair or replace. A good rule of thumb is if the cost of repair is half the cost to replace. Or if your fridge is almost 10 years old.

Some Tips On Utilizing Your Refrigerator Properly

A fun article we came across to help you get the most out of your fridge, whether your normal regular fridge, French Door Fridge, or side by side fridge!

A great article with some tips on lengthening the life of your fridge and making the most of your fridge by using many common designs and engineering technology in today’s refrigerators.

While you may doubt the veracity of claims such as crisper drawers keeping your veggies more fresh, you can find useful tips when you look for them (many from Consumer Reports)

We encourage you to check out the full article. In a nutshell:

1.Find the right spot IN your fridge

The back of the fridge is usually cooler than the front. Put your vitals (milk and eggs, etc) in the back

2.Wrap and protect your goods

For proteins: Raw fish, meat, and more: wrap them up nicely and put them in the back of the fridge. For your other cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, use airtight containers.

3.Leave room in the fridge

We always see warnings on washers and dryers to NOT LOAD FULL. You need to pack your laundry 1/2 to 2/3 full to get a good wash. The fridge is the same way. Air needs room to circulate

4.Check your temperatures

Use a thermometer if your fridge does not already have one. The fridge should be able to maintain a 37 to 38 degrees temperature (Farenheit)

Hope you enjoy these tips!

Extended Third Party Warranties: Avoid Them When Buying A Fridge

When you go to the store (or online) and buy that large appliance, the “extended warranty” from the reseller (not the manufacturer) inevitably comes up as an option to buy. It always sounds really good. For pennies, you get a lot of protection. Worth it? We don’t think so.

From anecdotal research (friends mostly, sometimes friends of friends) extended warranties are a lot of trouble. From the hard-sell to the lack of service. We have yet to hear a good story about Best Buy extended warranties (but we are open to hearing about them if you have one)

That being said, it seems many resellers and outlet stores offer these extended warranties and make quite a killing on them. That wouldn’t be so bad if they were worth something but often times there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through just to get something looked at, and the service is often not that good. In one case our friend had to eventually get a court case against the retailer to get her money back (and this is a very well-known retailer)

In fact: extended warranties often do not get a good review. In 2012, Consumer Reports said extended warranties are “notoriously a bad deal” for consumers.

Sometimes you would not believe this to be true, but check this story out about a man who bought his refrigerator at Sears.

Refrigerator Looks Through The Years

GE released a prospective on refrigerators and appliances for the last 100 years. From a sociological perspective it is quite interesting to think about what was going on at that time to drive that color and look as the look of the day so to speak.

It’s almost like modern archaeology with a possible history that is fresh in our mind. Definitely a fun article to take a look at.

Similar to what one comedian once said about our current litigious society

“What will they think of when they see warnings on our cups of coffee saying ‘Caution! Contents are Hot’? They’re going to think we were morons! LOOK LOOK they’ll say. They needed reminders on their cups that the coffee was hot as if holding it didn’t tell them anything”

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